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What exactly are the responsibilities of our damp specialists?

Our damp surveyors will identify the signs of moisture, determine the origins of the moisture, and suggest a plan of action to eliminate the source of the damp. This can be achieved by doing a Damp Survey, during which we will come to your property armed with specialised equipment to document any issues linked to moisture that you may be experiencing.

There is a wide variety of sources and manifestations of dampness in North Norfolk residential properties, any one of which may have an effect not only on your own health but also on the state of your property.

Timber Treatment & Damp Proofing in North Norfolk

Dampness in your North Norfolk property can lead to structural and medical problems. Wallpaper that is peeling and damp areas could be signs of a more serious issue that, if neglected, could cost thousands.
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In North Norfolk, homes are susceptible to three different types of moisture issues: rising damp, condensation, and penetrating damp.

This section discusses some of the causes of North Norfolk’s various damp issues and provides suggestions for preventing or resolving them.

Penetrating Damp

Inadequate guttering, loose roof tiles, brickwork fractures, and issues with cavity walls are some of the causes of penetrating moisture. Drain blockages, broken shower trays, leaky pipes, and overflowing sinks or bathtubs are examples of internal causes. Plaster blisters or cracks, paint peels or bubbles, and walls develop damp, dark spots as a result of water seeping into woodwork and walls.

If a leaking roof is left unfixed for a long time, damp rot may develop in the roof’s wood. Wet rot doesn’t impact the bricks directly, but if the problem is serious enough, the building’s roof timbers may lose their structural integrity. The telltale indicators of damp rot include a musty smell, “spongy” roof beams, and a black fungus.

Methods for Handling Penetrating Moisture

Repointing damaged masonry, checking pipes for leaks, cleaning and inspecting gutters and roofing for leaks, and clearing debris from gutters are all examples of preventive maintenance. We will examine these areas when you appoint a North Norfolk damp proofing company like ours in order to address your damp problems.

A Condensation Issue

Condensation is a typical type of moisture that may be easily identified in many homes in North Norfolk. Condensation forms on the surface of a cold object when it is in contact with warm, humid air. Most of the time, inadequate ventilation in moist places (including bathrooms, boiler rooms, and kitchens) is to fault.

Fixes for Condensation

One of the easiest things you can do is to wipe away any water droplets that accumulate. You should also make sure that the primary problem areas have adequate ventilation. To efficiently transport damp air outside of your North Norfolk property, you might need to update or install new cooking hoods, extractors, and air bricks.
Any reputable North Norfolk Damp Proof company, such as Aqua Dri, can conduct a thorough damp proofing survey to pinpoint the source of the issue. On occasion, the problem gets worse when damp air from outside is drawn within. Your local damp proofing experts in North Norfolk, Aqua Dri, can assist in controlling airflow to minimise condensation.

Rising Damp

Since 1875, it has been a legal requirement for all British homes to have a damp proof course. This is most likely not seen in constructions built prior to this time period. If your home was built this year or later and has become increasingly damp, your DPM might be broken.
Growing damp is indicated by white powdery residues on floors or walls, tidal stains on walls, and rotting skirting boards. All of them point to dampness issues even though they are not definitive.

Improving Damp Resistance

A simple way to handle emerging damp concerns is to check the outer walls for a visible damp course. To offer adequate protection, the damp proof course must rise 150 mm above the surface. Remove the surrounding dirt or build a damp-proof barrier higher up if there is not enough room.
Developing damp in your flooring and walls could be a more serious problem if your DPM is satisfactory.

We’re here to assist you.

As experts in damp proofing in North Norfolk, we will quickly determine the root of the problem and utilise a range of methods to get rid of the accumulating moisture.
Here are a few remedies for the moisture issues in your house.

An older house without a damp-proof membrane or one that is damaged could have Permaguard or Dryzone injected into its outer walls.
Using a specialised nozzle, the cream is injected into holes that have been drilled regularly throughout the mortar line, where it cures to form a water-repellent barrier.

A fresh damp proof course can be necessary if damp proofing cream cannot be injected or if the membrane has become fragile.
Even while such drastic steps may be your only choice to combat rising dampness, they may be necessary.

On smaller pieces of damaged membrane, a waterproof latex emulsion based on bitumen can be used. Carpets, laminates, and tiles must be removed because it will be laid beneath the current flooring.
Basements will be “tanked” using this technique to make them impermeable. Before the bitumen coating hardens, we as your North Norfolk damp proofing expert might advise applying building paper, a membrane with a foil backing.

Lowering Humidity is Possible with Dehumidifiers

By efficiently eliminating moisture from the air, dehumidifiers can greatly lessen condensation problems.
The problem with dehumidifiers is that they merely cover up the moisture source rather than removing it.

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Our damp proofing services are available in Holt, Burnham Market, Cromer, Sheringham, Fakenham, Wells Next The Sea, Salthouse, Cley, Blakeney, Hunstanton, Brancaster, Thornham, and many other charming rural communities in Norfolk.

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