Nuaire Drimaster PIV System, Norwich
Nuaire Drimaster PIV System

The Nuaire Drimaster is a highly effective Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit for eradicating the effects for condensation from properties. Our professional damp surveyors here in Norwich are approved installers can supply and fit the Drimaster and Flatmaster at a competitive price.

Benefits of the Drimaster PIV system:

  • Improves air circulation in the home,
  • Removes the smell of stale air,
  • Stops humid air settling on cold surfaces,
  • Recycles warm air saving energy bills,
  • Quieter than conventional extraction fans,
  • Suitable for large homes,
  • Once installed, it manages airflow automatically depending on the environment.

What is a Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) unit?

A PIV unit is a compact fan with a filtration system, designed to force fresh air into the property, therefore forcing damp, stale air out. This Nuaire system has a variety of fan speed settings to allow for an adjustment of airflow depending on the use in various sized properties, amount of occupants and the humidity levels.

Fortunately, the Drimaster is installed in the loft area, (usually above a stairwell), with a tiny vent located in the ceiling of the property, which allows the fan to blow in the air without the need to drill through external walls. This also means the PIV system will not compromise the look of your home.

How does a PIV system prevent condensation?

Condensation is caused by warm air colliding with cold surfaces, for example, just think of steam from a kettle on a glass window. If you were to open that window and improve airflow, the humid air would escape. In concept, that’s how a PIV system works to prevent condensation¬†– by introducing fresh clean air to force out highly humid air, preventing it from settling on cold surfaces.

With the Nuaire Drimaster system, it can be used with the windows closed. It does this even on the slower fan settings, as it quietly blows filtered air through the property, the air pressure increases. It’s this increased air pressure that forces out the damp, humid air through the ventilation gaps built into your home.

This PIV system is also ideal for landlords, as the system is 100% tamper-proof. When the unit senses the humidity levels increase, the Drimaster will automatically adjust the fan settings to blow in more air. Therefore, should a tenant forget to turn off a humidifier or is drying clothes inside, this PIV system will optimise airflow and prevent the possible condensation.

Should your tenant be having issues with condensation related damp issues, installing the Nuaire Drimaster or Flatmaster will prevent you (as a landlord) being in breach of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018.

How energy efficient is the Drimaster?

Nuaire Drimaster PIV Loft System, Norwich
Nuaire Drimaster PIV Loft System

In terms of the energy to power the unit and wasted heat energy, the Nuaire Drimaster is extremely energy efficient.

Unlike extraction fan systems, this PIV unit actually filters the escaped warmer air of your property back into the home. As heat rises, This means not only are re-introducing clean air, you can actually reduce your heating bills through the recycling of warmer air stored in your loft.

Additionally, the power required to blow the fan is very low-cost, much less than the cost of opening windows in the winter month. Based on how much watts the PIV system draws, it will cost a maximum of 0.02p per day if left on 24 hours a day and all year round.

What’s more, the filtered air from the PIV system can eradicate the smell of damp or stale air from your home within a few days. It also has amazing advantages for allergy sufferers, as the filtration unit will also remove pollen and dust mites from the air.

Is there a PIV system for use without loft space?

Nuaire Flatmaster Norwich, Norfolk
Nuaire Flatmaster

Good news, Nuaire have designed another unit called the Flatmaster (with optional heater). Unlike the Drimaster, this PIV unit is installed with the intake of air supplied from outside the property, so this is fitted to an external wall.

This means, should you lack loft space due to a loft conversion, or you live in a flat, then you can install a PIV system to your home. However, whether you require a heated or unheated version depends on your own needs. Keep in mind in the colder months, cold air will be filtered into the home without the heater element.

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