Woodworm treatment Norwich, NorfolkTreating Woodworm and Timber Infestation

Woodworm is the generic term for a number of species of wood-boring insects. The insects lay their eggs on timber and their larvae bore through the wood thus damaging and weakening the structure. The larvae then pupate before emerging as adult beetles and flying off to lay eggs on fresh timber.

It is the emerging adult that leaves the tell-tale flight holes and bore-dust – often the first signs of infestation. The most common wood-boring insect infesting structural timbers in buildings in this country is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium Punctatum). The adult beetle is approximately 3mm long and dull brown in colour. Its life cycle averages 3 years.

The flight holes are circular and approximately 2mm in diameter. Early identification of woodworm infestation means that treatment with insecticide will bring the life cycle to an end. It also prevents re-infestation. Any heavily infested and unsound timber will require to be replaced with new treated timber.

Aqua-Dri also provides eradication treatment for Dry Rot (Serpula Lacrymans) including replacing timbers and full reinstatement.